Yuan Fen: A Divine Connection


There was once a man who found a beautiful woman who he fell deeply in love with, their relationship was one of constant bliss and peace. As the relationship progressed the couple decided that they would marry as they had this deep loving connection neither could deny. As the wedding date approached the woman suddenly pulled away, disconnected, and told her fiancee that she had decided to marry another man.

Shocked and deeply confused the man could not understand what could have happened to his beloved to have ended their perfect relationship. He fell into a deep depression and collapsed in tears in a public garden one afternoon; soon a monk passed through the garden and spotted him. The monk asked the man “Why are you so upset?” as he placed his hand on the mans shoulder and sat beside him in the garden. “My beloved has left me suddenly to be with another man!” The monk nodded and said “Yuan Fen”. “What is Yuan Fen?” asked the man “Let me tell you a story” responded the monk.

“Once, hundreds of years ago there was a lovely woman who sadly died alone and naked on the beach. Many people passed by her lifeless body and would shake their heads in silent sadness and pity for the poor woman. A few passers by even said a little prayer for the woman and pressed their hands into the sand around her body so her soul would know she was not alone and that someone cared.

A young man was walking on the beach that day and spotted the beautiful dead woman laying naked in the sand. He instantly felt that she should be covered to preserve her dignity and privacy in this intimate moment. He removed his clothing and dressed the woman in his pants and shirt, he brushed the hair from her brow and straightened her body so she looked less pitiful in her death. Once he was satisfied he had restored her dignity he said a prayer, wished her soul well and left the beach never forgetting the woman.

Some time later another man came across the woman, he immediately dropped to his knees in sadness and scooped up the woman’s body in his arms and held her. He sang a soft tune his mother sang to him when he was afraid as a child and then he picked her up and carried her to a beautiful field he knew of a short distance away. In the field he dug a grave for the woman, he lined it with wild flowers and delicately lay her body in the flower filled grave. He began to cover her with earth as he wept, he was overcome with how short and tragic life could be. How unfair he thought, he wish he had had the chance to know her. Once she was buried he placed a flower on her grave and vowed to visit her there often.” recited the monk and the man nodded.

“Now lets move forward to present day, we all have had past lives and these lives deeply connect to our future incarnations. There is a divine force that connects us all and the relationships we are meant to have. Every day we pass people in the street who smile at us, when you were with your beloved those people who would smile at her were those who saw her on the beach that day and felt the sadness of her situation and said a little prayer for her.

You were on the beach that day as well, for it was you who selflessly dressed the woman to preserve her dignity because you cared. It was your beloved who lay on the beach that day, you were meant to share some time with her in this life because of the connection you made on the beach that day. What you must come to realize is that there was another man on the beach that day, the man who held her body and buried her. He was the one who was meant to be her one true beloved in this life, her departure from you was only sudden because the power of their connection was meant to be and once in a lifetime .

When the divine connection is made it becomes undeniable, I know it is hard right now but you must believe that there is a truer beloved for you just waiting to connect with you. Don’t allow your heart to close, allow it instead to be free and open so that when you cross her path you will know by the warmth and light in your soul. Do not hold any ill will toward your beloved but send love and happiness to her and to her true love.” said the monk.

“But I hurt so deeply” the man said “and so you shall for a time, but it is only the growing pains of your soul” the monk replied. “Yuan Fen; it is what connects us to who we are destined to meet and be with, it is the most divine and the truest of all connections, you experienced it with your beloved but you were not meant to share this entire incarnation with her but only a piece. Do not be sad, you have served her well and in her heart she will always hold a space just for you that no one can destroy” with that the monk rose, he smiled at the man; a smile that made the man feel hopeful.

The End


A dear friend and one of my Yuan Fen connections told me of this concept on a snowy Christmas Eve in 2011. He suggested that since I loved to write that I should take the concept and the brief story he had told me and asked that I write it in more depth. I’m not sure what took me so long or why suddenly today I remembered his request but I felt deeply compelled to find the short message he sent me those years ago and breathe life into this ancient story.

I truly believe in Yuan Fen and hope that you too will find your truest connections.

Natasha xoxo

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